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AAbout FSI and M.D. Anderson

 Long Term Adviser and Company

M.D. Anderson in Chandler AzIntroducing M.D. Anderson, President,

Financial Strategies, Inc.

Hello! I am M.D. Anderson, a long-term financial advisor originally from Forest City, Iowa. I have been practicing estate planning and financial consulting now for over 42 years. FSI was incorporated in 1990 here in Arizona.

As an AZCLDP, (Certified Legal Document Preparer), I am authorized and licensed to draft legal documents in Arizona. I am also a practicing estate consultant and accountant, licensed insurance adviser, nationally recognized inherited IRA consultant and a licensed real estate agent/Realtor with Realty One Group in Tempe, Arizona.

Because of my broad levels of practice and experience, few other Arizona document preparers would have the perspective I apply to client relationships. My financial and legal consultants and associates I work with from time to time are also available for just about any question you may have on your finances.

10 Reasons to Call Me Right Now
  1. Few other AZCLDP's have practiced in legal documents in Arizona since 1991. (I only do estate planning documents) I have been an estate planner since 1976 and have written 100's of Arizona trusts since 1991.

  2. Sadly, over 100+ clients have used my trust at death so far! Only one as far as I know, had to enter into simplified probate. (Due to undue influence of a new romantic interest removed assets from the trust)

  3. Few document preparers take the extra time to list each asset with actual account numbers and assist in funding until the funding process is completed. I can do so because of licensing in real estate and insurance, which allows much more depth in understanding the proper funding procedures for your assets and being legally authorized in assisting you in the complicated funding process.  Note:  An unfunded trust is worthless. And, an incorrectly funded trust may be worse than ever having one!

  4. I am a nationally known and quoted IRA consultant.  All 401-k's, 403b's, and other pension plans sooner or later become an IRA at retirement. And all can be "stretched" to pay for generations if set up properly. Knowing how to re-title IRA's is extremely important!!! I have already saved my Arizona clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in needless tax when they die with a large IRA by preplanning for an "Inherited IRA". Warning: Some of the fastest  talking, high ego financial planners have and will tell you to cash in your parents' IRA as the only option. The truth is, it is the only option that allows them to get a new "lump sum" commission on you! For more information on how to set up your IRA for "Inherited IRA" status, just visit this popular nationally recognized information site also sponsored by Financial Strategies, Inc.:

  5. Also being a practicing accountant and tax consultant since 1987 allows me to have great depth in understanding all tax provisions in my company "Legacy Trust" portfolio series and explaining them adequately to my legal document clients. Filing estate and trust tax returns for clients is also a normal service FSI provides to our legal document clientele as well as to clients around the country who engage our estate/trust settlement consulting services.

  6. Adding my knowledge and experience as a Realtor as well just expands my scope and coverage in funding a trust properly. (Realty One Group/Tempe Office)

  7. Constant service is available. I take great pride in my "mobile" services provided to any metro Phoenix resident who has difficulty traveling. If you desire, I will come to your home to discuss or draft your trust portfolio, all for your convenience and comfort! And I not only service the work I produce, but I will give document service to anyone who has  an out of date trust or wants changes made. 

  8. My trust product may very well be the best designed, complete, and legally correct trust portfolio available in Arizona from a non-lawyer AZCLDP.  This assumption is  based on other competitor products that have been reviewed for over 25 years in my legal document preparation practice. I give you about 275 pages of quality estate planning documents (marital trusts) that are long and lengthy by design to be sure all contingencies are covered. Better yet, I follow rigid update parameters to be sure my master documents comply with strict Arizona state statutes as well as Federal statutes, and all law changes that affect both of them. I then offer affordable updates when changes are needed.  Unlike most Arizona based legal documents, my portfolio documents give coverage out of state as well as around the world.  With new portability clauses, you will get extension of protection no matter where you travel to - even if you are rich enough to take a space trip!

  9. Extras!  Extras! Extras!  I do family documentations, digital photography inserts, trust stationary, etc., that others would never dream of including -- all at one set "package" price! If you don't have pictures available for scanning or transfer, I even give away a free photo session to get up to date pictures into your portfolio!  Also, free designer pens, note pads, web access, etc. etc.  I even have a new "legacy writer" authoring service to help you document your life -- while you are still here!

  10.    I am available right now!  You can call me and get started without delays, excuses or unknown expenses that will later add to your billing.  Just one set fee covers all services provided by my firm.  In just a matter of days after you provide all data to me, your professional Living Trust Portfolio can be signed and put in force!

Financial Strategies, Inc. celebrated it's 25th corporate year doing business in Arizona on July 4th, 2015!  I am proud to have delivered hundreds of trust portfolios to Arizona consumers.  All without one regulatory complaint ever! 


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