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Whatever You Need Trust Services

Whatever You Need Trust Services

Whatever you need right now, don't worry - you have come to the right place! Perhaps you are seeking valid and current FREE information on drafting an affordable, high quality Arizona Living Trust portfolio. If so, you have come to the right place and should use the MENU.

Or maybe you already have an Arizona living trust you think may need some updating. But, you might be worried about getting charged an "arm and a leg" if you call a law firm. Again, you have come to the right place and will find FSI trust update services fast and affordable.

Noting: Arizona Trust Code provisions became mandatory January 1, 2009, but we have trusts coming in for settlement after death still missing these important provisions. (Which apply even if not drafted into the instrument, upon death)

Of course, there is also a possibility you are seeking a low cost alternative to settling a living trust or simple estate here in Arizona without a lawyer.  Again, our company services are available to assist you in settlement services and in filing final tax returns and we can do all the work for you when a loved one dies.

And, through separate Realtor services, we can even list and sell your estate home/s or other investment property quickly and at reasonable costs. If you are the estate administrator, let our estate settlement services provide the needed additional assistance you seek.

7 Ways To Assist You Right NowLiving Trust

FSI Order Desk1. Draft from scratch, a modern high quality Arizona living trust and other required estate planning documents.

2. Update a current trust and other important estate planning documents.

3. Settle any Arizona living trust or simple estate for your loved one who has passed away.

4. Consult on any other general financial issue that directly or indirectly affects a living trust, regardless of where it was established.

5. Refer you to other professional lawyers and CPA's if you need additional trust related legal or advanced tax advice.  

6. Help you list for sale a current home in trust or help you purchase a home direct with your living trust serving as your professional Realtor.

7. Assist you when you inherit a "trust owned" IRA from your spouse or non-spouse relative, after their death.

In order to make the best decisions in your own estate planning or that of your loved one, we are giving away important free information, considered "General Legal Information" under Arizona state law. 

Regardless of what you are searching for, you can get help right now by calling the FSI hotline at:  

No Obligation or Charge for your Initial call 

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What is a TrustClass 101 For Newbies  Learn about the history of living trusts and how they work.


Seniors Sleeping WellWant to Sleep Better?  Avoiding probate can also help avoid trouble after you die. And protect heirs from identity theft too.



Kiss the GorillaWant to Avoid Mistakes?  Read our "WAR" Stories & avoid costly estate planning mistakes



Iceberg AheadJust Need an Update?  See what could happen if you don't update.  And Read about our specific update services. 


Who Should You Avoid for New Trust or Update Services?  Review the "Characters" you should avoid.



Chicken Crossing The RoadWho Should You Use for New Trust or Update Services?  Learn the two options you have here in Arizona.



Twist and ShoutWhat If I Draft My Own Trust Documents? Discover why that could get you all twisted up later.


In a Hurry?  Get any portfolio document & special online pricing, and review complete ordering details.



Estate SettlementSettling an Arizona Estate or Trust? Don't go it alone! Get some help early on such as when it is time to order a new tax ID number from the IRS. You will be glad you did.


FSIAbout Financial Strategies, Inc. and M.D. Anderson There is a reason why you should hire an adviser with 40+ years of experience and practice. Learn more about the company and long term Arizona company owner.


NOTE:  Be sure to click on the  PRICING GUIDE to review the complete package costs or to actually order YOUR UPDATE OR NEW TRUST PORTFOLIO online.


NOTE: FSI gives an additional 10% discount for all "internet" orders received and paid online at the time of ordering!   

Stay Out of the Legal Maze

Legal MazeThis information site is designed so YOU can discover solid information to assist your quest to draft proper Arizona legal documents, and stay out of the legal "maze" so many get caught up in.

The legal maze applies when you only listen and react, but don't fully understand the concepts you are supposed to approve.  And, the legal jargon inside the "maze" needs to be learned... so that you can understand what trusts are, who needs them and how much they cost.

You probably are wondering just who can legally draft a trust for you. This website is designed to give you the information you seek to make good decisions and to further help you understand the legal concepts.  And to get answers to your most important questions.

Perhaps you may already have a trust and are wondering if it is still up to date.  If that is the case, if your last update was before January 1st, 2009, I can give you the general legal information allowed by my licensing to say -- it probably is not!  An important Arizona specific change took place on that date.

After that date, mandatory provisions of the Arizona Trust Code (We call it the ATC) applies to all irrevocable trusts.  And, if you have a trust, sometime in the future -- every trust still in effect becomes irrevocable when you either become permanently disabled or when you die.

If your prior trust advisor no longer is in practice or if your current trust advisor doesn't keep you updated -- you may want to check with our firm to see if you need an update. There is no charge for us to take a look at your current documents.  Or to discuss doing a new trust portfolio for you for the first time if you are now exploring your options and remain "exposed" with no documents at all.

You can arrange a free sit down meeting at no obligation here in the valley for new trust documents or updates.  Or, if you live outside the valley, you can transmit a filled in PDF of our downloadable data worksheet  or a PDF file or fax of your current legal documents to our firm via email or fax. (Call 480-345-1616 in the valley, or 1-800-782-2806  if out of the valley for more details.)

Because of another major federal law change affecting estate taxes that became effective January 1st, 2013 -- chances are high you need an immediate trust review if you used any "A/B" language in a former marital trust you now have in effect.

You wouldn't believe what we read in some of our trust reviews. For example all marital trusts in force with a mandatory A/B splitting requirement could be a problem, now that the federal death tax does not apply until your assets exceed $5,4500,000 per married spouse in 2016! (Higher limits apply in 2017 of  $5,490,000)

Chances are high that your current Arizona based marital trust is now out of date and could contain language that restricts marital assets upon the first death.  This is because most families no longer face federal estate inheritance death taxes with the high exemption limits quoted above. (The limit is per spouse or single person)

Need Help or Want to Buy Now? 

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You may need immediate help right now with a trust here in Arizona.  Perhaps a Trust owner is failing mentally and you don't know what to do. Or, your Arizona Trust owner has just passed away and the first steps are not known in what you are supposed to do as a Successor Trustee.

Perhaps you need a trust amendment or additional help in settling an Arizona trust.  Like so many clients who have employed us -- you may be out of state searching for help on settling a parent's or other relative's trust as Trust/estate administrator. Help is just a FREE phone call away!

Valuable Information Nuggets  

Gold NuggetsYou will find valuable information nuggets on this website you just won't find elsewhere.

If you were invited to come to this site by one of our web adds or offsite ads, by invitation or by reading an FSI trust brochure, or perhaps being referred by a current FSI trust client -- this information is provided to help you determine if your current Arizona Living Trust needs an update.

Most likely, an update is needed if your current trust still has A/B marital split instruction text.  Or your trust could also be hampered by not having the proper wording stated for important Arizona Trust Code (ATC) provisions. 

Perhaps, you searched on your own and found us online.  Be sure to invite your Arizona friends and relatives to come and read this site, since they may also be just like you -- seeking sound and up-to-date Arizona living trust related information.

Our firm tailors our professional certified document preparation services to local residents who desire physical delivery of an Arizona living trust portfolio (or updates). But we also provide electronic PDF versions for others around the state who may not want to drive, or are not able to drive to the valley to meet with us. 

So, whether it is a complete trust portfolio, or just one legal document, or anything in between, our firm can help you obtain exactly what you need or want with the least amount of effort and at the lowest cost possible.


High Quality Legal DocumentsAll properly drafted Arizona living trusts must meet certain minimum standards, especially since Arizona has adopted a version of the Uniform Trust Code. (known also as the UTC) 

Be especially cautious if any work you pay for does not have specific Arizona statutes and codes quoted in it.

That is a SURE SIGN you have purchased a "trust mill" type trust which frankly, most likely isn't going to get the job done properly.  It just seems in this continued economic downturn in the economy that many are looking for lower cost alternatives.  They want affordable lower pricing, and yet expect excellent "top hat" work as well. 

You still get what you pay for.  Good work normally is not cheap and cheap work normally is not good...

However, using an experienced Arizona certified legal document preparer (AZCLDP) can help you save money for new and updated estate related documents. You can obtain the quality legal documents you expect at an affordable and reasonable cost factor by using my companies' professional legal document preparation services. (40+ years of financial services experience)

Introducing M.D. Anderson, President, Financial Strategies, Inc.
10 Reasons to Call Me Right Now

M.D. Anderson

  1. M D Anderson is Set Apart from CompetitorsFew other AZCLDP's have practiced in legal documents in Arizona since 1991. (I only do estate planning documents) I have been an estate planner since 1976 and have written 100's of Arizona trusts since 1991.

  2. Sadly, over 100+ clients have used my trust at death so far! Only one as far as I know, had to enter into simplified probate. (Due to undue influence of a new romantic interest removed assets from the trust)

  3. Few document preparers take the extra time to list each asset with actual account numbers and assist in funding until the funding process is completed. I can do so because of licensing in real estate and insurance, which allows much more depth in understanding the proper funding procedures for your assets and being legally authorized in assisting you in the complicated funding process.  Note:  An unfunded trust is worthless. And, an incorrectly funded trust may be worse than ever having one!

  4. I am a nationally known and quoted IRA consultant.  All 401-k's, 403b's, and other pension plans sooner or later become an IRA at retirement. And all can be "stretched" to pay for generations if set up properly. Knowing how to re-title IRA's is extremely important!!! I have already saved my Arizona clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in needless tax when they die with a large IRA by preplanning for an "Inherited IRA". Warning: Some of the fastest  talking, high ego financial planners have and will tell you to cash in your parents' IRA as the only option. The truth is, it is the only option that allows them to get a new "lump sum" commission on you!For more information on how to set up your IRA for "Inherited IRA" status, just visit this popular nationally recognized information site also sponsored by Financial Strategies, Inc.:

  5. Also being a practicing accountant since 1987 allows me to have great depth in understanding all tax provisions in my company "Legacy Trust" portfolio series and explaining them adequately to my legal document clients. Filing estate and trust tax returns for clients is also a normal service FSI provides to our legal document clientele as well as to clients around the country who engage our estate/trust settlement consulting services.

  6. Adding my knowledge and experience as a Realtor as well just expands my scope and coverage in funding a trust properly. (Realty One Group/Tempe Office)

  7. Constant service is available. I take great pride in my "mobile" services provided to any metro Phoenix resident who has difficulty traveling. If you desire, I will come to your home to discuss or draft your trust portfolio, all for your convenience and comfort! And I not only service the work I produce, but I will give document service to anyone who has  an out of date trust or wants changes made. 

  8. My trust product may very well be the best designed, complete, and legally correct trust portfolio available in Arizona from a non-lawyer AZCLDP.  This assumption is  based on other competitor products that have been reviewed for over 25 years in my legal document preparation practice. I give you about 275 pages of quality estate planning documents (marital trusts) that are long and lengthy by design to be sure all contingencies are covered. Better yet, I follow rigid update parameters to be sure my master documents comply with strict Arizona state statutes as well as Federal statutes, and all law changes that affect both of them. I then offer affordable updates when changes are needed.  Unlike most Arizona based legal documents, my portfolio documents give coverage out of state as well as around the world.  With new portability clauses, you will get extension of protection no matter where you travel to - even if you are rich enough to take a space trip!

  9. Extras!  Extras! Extras!  I do family documentations, digital photography inserts, trust stationary, etc., that others would never dream of including -- all at one set "package" price! If you don't have pictures available for scanning or transfer, I even give away a free photo session to get up to date pictures into your portfolio!  Also, free designer pens, note pads, web access, etc. etc.  I even have a new "legacy writer" authoring service to help you document your life -- while you are still here!

  10. I am available right now!  You can call me and get started without delays, excuses or unknown expenses that will later add to your billing.  Just one set fee covers all services provided by my firm.  In just a matter of days after you provide all data to me, your professional Living Trust Portfolio can be signed and put in force!

 You Risk Reading This Important Information and Putting if Off Longer To Take Action...

Putting It Off, but What if You Die Today?...that could cause mayhem and a lot of extra money and frustration by your survivors. 

Don't be like 70% of all Americans who put this important work off for "later" and then ... they died!  

In that case, your good intentions, your desires and your dreams for your survivors -- may just vanish into thin air if you are seriously disabled or die before drafting these life and death controlling legal documents.

You might even be like some "almost" clients who on more than one occasion, went ahead and set appointments with me to draft a trust -- and never lived long enough to actually attend the appointments that were set! One died at a rest stop somewhere in Nebraska and another up on the ridge of the Grand Canyon!  (So in that case, set an appointment quickly!)

Closing Remarks

I personally and cordially invite you now to visit my firms' additional pages and websites so you can get special internet pricing.  A secured credit card portal allows you to hire me and get an automatic 10% discount as well for hiring me online! 

If you desire a modern and complete Arizona Living Trust Portfolio, or updates to your current legal document portfolio, I would love to assist you right now. 

If a Trust Portfolio is more than what you need in legal documents, take a look at my sister product - The Will Portfolio - which can also fit the needs of smaller estates or smaller budgets.  And, a free $90 gift awaits you if you are not an FSI client.

I cordially ask you to E-mail me for any further questions you may have, or to engage my services.  If this information gave you the "push" you needed to go ahead and draft proper documents, let me know about it.

Or, just give me your comments, corrections, or maybe even your own story about how a trust helped or the lack of having a trust hurt someone you know.  I would be happy to publish it here or on my blog if you submit them to me. (Be sure to give me contact information so I can send you a legal release form)

I have found that this work is a journey, just like life. I was granted the skills to not only create and draft quality trust portfolios, but to be able to help families understand them both before and after -- when things go wrong.  I have tried to give as much general legal information as you need to help educate you.   

Many children of my senior clients from around the United States now carry a Trust ID card I gave their parents with my nationwide toll free number on it. They are ready when they get that dreaded call..."something has happened to Mom..."  They like knowing someone in Arizona is on stand by no matter what time of day or evening it is.

If you are reading this and have an immediate question or perhaps you have someone else here in Arizona you would like me to contact, help. update, etc.  -- just give me a call right now: 


(No obligation or cost of course)

Regardless if I ever personally meet you, or if I ever do business together with you, it has been my extreme pleasure to meet you electronically in this format. I wish you the best in good health and to have a long and happy life!


M.D. Anderson, President

Financial Strategies, Inc.

P.S.   Testimonials are readily available for those who may still need some coaxing or convincing that my services are premier and priced fairly over alternative methods.  Five testimonials from my clients that have used my will or trust portfolio services are reproduced below.  Note the long term relationships mentioned by some.  (I am planning on being around to help you in the future when you need it most)


Client Testimonials

Testimonial #1

Max(Received on 9/30/08)  "My first interaction with Mike happened back in September 2005 approximately 1 month after my mother passed away in Sun Lakes, Arizona. Mike had made my mothers living trust some years prior to her death. I had copies of bits and pieces of the trust my mother had sent me but had never seen the whole trust until it was given to me by her new husband of 8 months only hours after her death. Being unfamiliar with the trust as well as devastated by the sudden passing of my mother I went through it briefly and hit what I felt were the high points. It wasn’t until I arrived back in Spokane, Washington that I sought out  help ciphering through the whole trust with the help of a reputable living trust attorney. His initial charge to complete it all would be between $15,000- $25,000. It was a fairly substantial trust but I felt that was a bit over the top. I then sat down and read it cover to cover and stumbled upon a statement that said to contact Mike Anderson if any problems were encountered reading the trust. So I figured I’d contact him before proceeding forward of course figuring another big price tag to get help!

Boy was I pleasantly surprised after speaking with Mike for just a few minutes and finding out he could take care of everything for somewhere around $1000-$1500 depending on what changes my mother had done to it. I sent the trust to Mike. From that point on I never had any worries. Mike kept in constant contact with me always keeping me informed of what needed to be done and when and then he took care of it. My mother (bless her heart) had made quite numerous changes some on her own and some with assistance from her new husband of 8 months. Most changes were done by pencil scratch out and re-written in new information. Mike was able to cipher through all the legal and questionable changes that had taken place and handled everything there in Arizona.

I felt so comfortable with Mike’s  guidance and knowledge I had him go ahead and make living trust’s for both me and my wife.  I have been in contact with Mike over the last 3 years asking guidance when I make additions and changes to my trust and he is always very expedient and professional in getting back to me. I cannot thank Mike enough for all the monetary value he saved but more for all the mental grief he saved me.  Thanks Mike!"

Retired  MSgt USAF

Max & Ellen Eskildsen

Mead, Washington 99021

Testimonial #2

Saul S Gefter (Received on 6/27/08) "I have known Michael Anderson for some time as both a colleague and as an associate of our 105 year-old Brazilian international law firm, located in Rio de Janeiro. Mike and his Arizona firm, Financial Strategies, Inc. has been contracted to do strategic financial, tax, trust and estate planning and development on behalf of an important and long-standing client, a member of one of Brazil’s most famous families with assets in Brazil and abroad .

I can personally attest to his business acumen, sharpness of mind, outstanding professional abilities and most importantly, his honesty, integrity and professionalism in accomplishing the most difficult and complex tasks put to him.  Mike’s personal interest in the well-being and concern for the client’s interests entrusted to him is remarkable and noteworthy. His Estate Planning & Trust Portfolio has become a model for others attempting to match his efforts in producing such an important and meaningful document to both clients, their heirs and family members.

Our office has constantly dealt with professionals in all sectors world-wide over the years and I can attest to that fact that Mike is head and shoulders above them all. We look forward to a continued and fruitful relationship with Michael Anderson and his firm for years to come."

Saul S. Gefter, Esq.

U.S. Consul (ret.)

Member, D.C. Bar Assn.

Petrópolis, RJ Brazil 

Testimonial #3

Sue(Received on 6/14/08): "It was my mother, Berniece Robb, who first  introduced me to Michael Anderson.  Mother's tax accountant extraordinaire for a period of time, she became aware of Mike's family trust preparation capabilities.  Contacting referrals, she received splendid encouragement from individuals who had engaged Mr. Anderson in preparing their trusts.  Mother placed her confidence in Mike and asked him to proceed with her estate.  Soon after, as I was a widow with three children, Mother encouraged me to do the same.  That was winter of 1992.

Mother died in April of 1996.  As difficult as the loss was emotionally,  Mike stepped up to the plate  (Mike was only a phone call away),  just as he informed us he would and as the trust would.   As successor to Mother's estate, I had immediate access to her accounts, including the ability to write checks for her funeral expenses.  There was no probate, no waiting, no need for approval from brokerage houses and financial institutions, and no added expenses.  Everything was in order and fell mercifully in place, thanks to Mike's foresight in trust preparation.

While periodic updates may be necessary due to changes in the law (I have had one), I can say with confidence that  I have peace of mind Mike will inform me of such changes and my children will experience the same ease when it comes time to settling my estate at my death.  My children will know my final wishes.  Short of that, the individuals I have chosen will have the trust tools (Powers of Attorney), to deal with all health and financial issues should I be incapable of doing so.

In all sincerity, Thank you Mike Anderson for offering me "Shaffer Family Trust" peace of mind.

Susan Shaffer

Phoenix, Arizona

Testimonial #4

Den and Dell(Received on 5/8/08):  "Mike Anderson has been handling our taxes for our small business for about 20 years. He never keeps us waiting for answers when we have questions about anything from taxes to finances to real estate.  He is very knowledgeable and we know that we can trust his advice.

He recently did our trust for our family and it was wonderful!  He seems to make it come alive by the way he represents the family in personal ways by adding pictures of us and even our pets.  Mike makes our life run more smoothly and he does it at a very affordable price."

Frankie and Dennis Malicowski

Mesa, Arizona

Testimonial #5 A Client Family Thank You Card

A Nice Client Note

The Ehrgott Family


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