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Seeking free Arizona living trust information? Use our handy MENU to find specific information fast. Whether you seek a low cost trust portfolio, an update or need to settle a living trust or simple estate -- youhave come to the right place. 

Also, through our separate Realtor services, we can list and sell your estate home/s or other investment property quickly at FULL value at a very reasonable cost.  If you are the Estate Administrator (Personal Representative or Trustee), let our estate Realtor services assist you with this important task as well.

7 Ways To Assist You Right NowLiving Trust

FSI Order Desk1. Draft from scratch, a modern high quality Arizona living trust and other required estate planning documents.

2. Update a current trust and other important estate planning documents.

3. Settle any Arizona living trust or simple estate for your loved one who has passed away.

4. Consult on any other general financial issue that directly or indirectly affects a living trust, regardless of where it was established.

5. Refer you to other professional lawyers and CPA's if you need additional trust related legal or advanced tax advice.  

6. Help you list for sale a current home in trust or help you purchase a home direct with your living trust serving as your professional Realtor.

7. Assist you when you inherit a "Trust Owned" IRA from your spouse or non-spouse relative, after their death.

In order to make the best decisions in your own estate planning or that of your loved one, we provide imporant information, noting it is to be considered "General Legal Information" under Arizona state law. 

Regardless of what you are searching for, you can get help right now by resources on this website or you can call for immediate help at:   

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FSIAbout Financial Strategies, Inc. and M.D. Anderson There is a reason why you should hire an adviser with 42+ years of experience and practice. Learn more about the company and long term Arizona company owner.

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High Quality Legal DocumentsAll properly drafted Arizona living trusts must meet certain minimum standards, especially since Arizona has adopted a version of the Uniform Trust Code. (known also as the UTC) 

Be especially cautious if any work you pay for does not have specific Arizona statutes and codes quoted in it.

That is a SURE SIGN you have purchased a "trust mill" type trust. You get what you pay for.  Good work normally is not cheap and cheap work normally is not good...

However, using an experienced Arizona certified legal document preparer (AZCLDP) can help you save money for new and updated estate related documents. You can obtain the quality legal documents you expect at an affordable and reasonable cost factor by using our professional legal document preparation services. (M.D. Anderson has 42+ years of financial services experience)

Closing Remarks

M D AndersonI personally and cordially invite you now to visit my firms' additional pages and websites so you can get special internet pricing.  A secured credit card portal allows you to hire me and get an automatic 10% discount as well for hiring me online! 

If you desire a modern and complete Arizona Living Trust Portfolio, or updates to your current legal document portfolio, I would love to assist you right now. 

I cordially ask you to E Mail me at:  for any further questions you may have, or to engage my services, just give me a call. I have found that this work is a journey, just like life itself. I was granted the skills to not only create and draft quality trust portfolios, but to be able to help families understand them and assist them when they need help the most.  

Many children of my senior clients here in Arizona and around the United States now carry a Trust ID card I gave their parents with my nationwide toll free number on it. They are ready when they get that dreaded call..."something has happened to Mom..."  They like knowing someone in Arizona is on "stand by" no matter what time of day or evening it is.

Regardless if I ever personally meet you, or if I ever do business with you, it has been my extreme pleasure to meet you electronically in this format. I wish you the best in good health and to have a long and happy life!


M.D. Anderson, President

Financial Strategies, Inc.

P.S.   Some Testimonials are available below for those who may still need some coaxing or convincing that my services are premier and priced fairly.  (Note the long term relationships mentioned by some)


Client Testimonials

Testimonial #1

Max(Received on 9/30/08)  "My first interaction with Mike happened back in September 2005 approximately 1 month after my mother passed away in Sun Lakes, Arizona. Mike had made my mothers living trust some years prior to her death. I had copies of bits and pieces of the trust my mother had sent me but had never seen the whole trust until it was given to me by her new husband of 8 months only hours after her death. Being unfamiliar with the trust as well as devastated by the sudden passing of my mother I went through it briefly and hit what I felt were the high points. It wasn’t until I arrived back in Spokane, Washington that I sought out  help ciphering through the whole trust with the help of a reputable living trust attorney. His initial charge to complete it all would be between $15,000- $25,000. It was a fairly substantial trust but I felt that was a bit over the top. I then sat down and read it cover to cover and stumbled upon a statement that said to contact Mike Anderson if any problems were encountered reading the trust. So I figured I’d contact him before proceeding forward of course figuring another big price tag to get help!

Boy was I pleasantly surprised after speaking with Mike for just a few minutes and finding out he could take care of everything for somewhere around $1000-$1500 depending on what changes my mother had done to it. I sent the trust to Mike. From that point on I never had any worries. Mike kept in constant contact with me always keeping me informed of what needed to be done and when and then he took care of it. My mother (bless her heart) had made quite numerous changes some on her own and some with assistance from her new husband of 8 months. Most changes were done by pencil scratch out and re-written in new information. Mike was able to cipher through all the legal and questionable changes that had taken place and handled everything there in Arizona.

I felt so comfortable with Mike’s  guidance and knowledge I had him go ahead and make living trust’s for both me and my wife.  I have been in contact with Mike over the last 3 years asking guidance when I make additions and changes to my trust and he is always very expedient and professional in getting back to me. I cannot thank Mike enough for all the monetary value he saved but more for all the mental grief he saved me.  Thanks Mike!"

Retired  MSgt USAF

Max & Ellen Eskildsen

Mead, Washington 99021

Testimonial #2

Saul S Gefter (Received on 6/27/08) "I have known Michael Anderson for some time as both a colleague and as an associate of our 105 year-old Brazilian international law firm, located in Rio de Janeiro. Mike and his Arizona firm, Financial Strategies, Inc. has been contracted to do strategic financial, tax, trust and estate planning and development on behalf of an important and long-standing client, a member of one of Brazil’s most famous families with assets in Brazil and abroad .

I can personally attest to his business acumen, sharpness of mind, outstanding professional abilities and most importantly, his honesty, integrity and professionalism in accomplishing the most difficult and complex tasks put to him.  Mike’s personal interest in the well-being and concern for the client’s interests entrusted to him is remarkable and noteworthy. His Estate Planning & Trust Portfolio has become a model for others attempting to match his efforts in producing such an important and meaningful document to both clients, their heirs and family members.

Our office has constantly dealt with professionals in all sectors world-wide over the years and I can attest to that fact that Mike is head and shoulders above them all. We look forward to a continued and fruitful relationship with Michael Anderson and his firm for years to come."

Saul S. Gefter, Esq.

U.S. Consul (ret.)

Member, D.C. Bar Assn.

Petrópolis, RJ Brazil 

Testimonial #3

Sue(Received on 6/14/08): "It was my mother, Berniece Robb, who first  introduced me to Michael Anderson.  Mother's tax accountant extraordinaire for a period of time, she became aware of Mike's family trust preparation capabilities.  Contacting referrals, she received splendid encouragement from individuals who had engaged Mr. Anderson in preparing their trusts.  Mother placed her confidence in Mike and asked him to proceed with her estate.  Soon after, as I was a widow with three children, Mother encouraged me to do the same.  That was winter of 1992.

Mother died in April of 1996.  As difficult as the loss was emotionally,  Mike stepped up to the plate  (Mike was only a phone call away),  just as he informed us he would and as the trust would.   As successor to Mother's estate, I had immediate access to her accounts, including the ability to write checks for her funeral expenses.  There was no probate, no waiting, no need for approval from brokerage houses and financial institutions, and no added expenses.  Everything was in order and fell mercifully in place, thanks to Mike's foresight in trust preparation.

While periodic updates may be necessary due to changes in the law (I have had one), I can say with confidence that  I have peace of mind Mike will inform me of such changes and my children will experience the same ease when it comes time to settling my estate at my death.  My children will know my final wishes.  Short of that, the individuals I have chosen will have the trust tools (Powers of Attorney), to deal with all health and financial issues should I be incapable of doing so.

In all sincerity, Thank you Mike Anderson for offering me "Shaffer Family Trust" peace of mind.

Susan Shaffer

Phoenix, Arizona

Testimonial #4

Den and Dell(Received on 5/8/08):  "Mike Anderson has been handling our taxes for our small business for about 20 years. He never keeps us waiting for answers when we have questions about anything from taxes to finances to real estate.  He is very knowledgeable and we know that we can trust his advice.

He recently did our trust for our family and it was wonderful!  He seems to make it come alive by the way he represents the family in personal ways by adding pictures of us and even our pets.  Mike makes our life run more smoothly and he does it at a very affordable price."

Frankie and Dennis Malicowski

Mesa, Arizona

Testimonial #5 A Client Family Thank You Card

A Nice Client Note

The Ehrgott Family

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